Healthcare Enterprise Hosting

You're in need of a hosting solution for your software projects that is affordable and compliant with data protection laws? Our healthcare enterprise hosting is just what you need.

We offer professional and maximally scalable enterprise hosting, which will meet your expectations both economically and technically. Our servers are located in German data centres, which are DIN ISO 27001 certified and entail extensive safety mechanisms. All data saved on our systems are subject to strict German data protection requirements.

You can also set up an “order data processing” (ADV in German) with us. The servers we administer are protected against potential attackers by an extensive security configuration that is always up to date thanks to the use of the most innovative technology.

If you are anticipating a project with high peaks in demand, we can apply the appropriate scaling methods. 

An overview of our hosting offer:

Custom servers
Possibility of virtual servers
German data centre
Data centre certified by DIN ISO 27001
Gapless monitoring
Maximum security configuration
Flexibly scalable

Contact us:

+49 (0)30 - 746 895 00

+49 (0)30 - 746 895 09